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Harnessing user feedback: driving new content for the AI and Digital Regulation Service

Learn more about our vision, and how we use your input to drive new content for the AI and Digital Regulation Service.

Published at 13 March 2024 by Rebecca Evans

Developers Adopters

Our vision

Our vision is for the AI and Digital Regulations Service to be a streamlined, trusted resource for developers and adopters as you navigate the complex regulations for AI and digital technologies. Since launching the website in June 2023, we’ve been routinely engaging with our users to gain vital feedback on whether our guidance is useful, useable and clear. We’ve asked users to tell us how we can improve the service. We’re now in the improvement phase of the project and refining our content in line with user feedback.

To collect feedback, we used various methods. The feedback survey linked on the website has given us lots of useful responses. We also hosted ‘drop in’ sessions and followed up with attendees to collect their views in more depth. One of the most effective ways to get feedback has been through surveys and questionnaires that we regularly send to our email subscribers. This feedback helps us identify user ‘pain points’, understand user needs and wants, and shapes our ideas for future content.

Why it’s important

User feedback is incredibly valuable because it comes from the people who matter most: our users. It provides insight into how we can improve the guidance on our website and what additional features we could add. Establishing a robust user feedback loop has been paramount because without your valuable input, we’d miss out on critical insights that only those interacting with our content can provide. We hope this ongoing dialogue fosters a sense of inclusivity for our users and makes sure we continually align our content with your evolving needs and expectations.

User feedback in action

We've been impressed by the diversity of insights and suggestions given by users of the service. You are, after all, the ones grappling with the challenges and opportunities presented by the regulations for AI and digital technologies. By listening to your suggestions, we've been able to tailor our content to meet your specific needs and interests. Below is an example of the type of feedback we’ve received:


“I'm impressed by the amount of work gone into the beta website and adaptations to feedback given through our interviews. To convey so much information and complexity that's critical to both adopters and developers in an easy to use (friendly tone) format is impressive. I navigated the beta website fully and read all the pertinent sections and information while testing some of the key links for reference. Excellent!”

We’ve also sought input from our stakeholders, and fellow regulators have shared valuable insights into how we can enhance our content. As a result, we collaborated with colleagues from the Joint Cyber Unit at the Department for Health and Social Care, along with the Information Commissioner’s Office to produce guidance on cyber security and resilience. This resource will soon be available on our website.

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